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What is a START-UP INDIA action plan: overview with IP INSIGHTS?

Intellectual Property has nowadays become a strategic business tool to protect the new inventions so that no one can use, sell and license them without the prior permission of Inventor or applicant. There are eight types of Intellectual Property recognized in the TRIPS agreement which are Copyright and Related Rights, Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Industrial Designs,… Read More »

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Can I patent mobile applications?

Mobile applications are now days considered as lifeline of human race. From calculation to the management of finances, from Music applications to create your music apps/songs and from clicking a perfect picture to edit the image using different modes are possible through mobile applications. Since the introduction of mobile application by various companies around the… Read More »

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Mistakes a start-up should avoid, before filing a patent!

A patent is a statutory right granted to the inventor or applicant for his invention by the Patent office for a maximum of 20 years so that no person can make, sell or licenses the product or process without the prior permission of the inventor. The Start-up means an entity, incorporated or registered in India… Read More »

Should I file a PCT or a Conventional Application?

PCT and Convention Patent Applications are the two ways for filing a patent application for the invention. Filing of these two patent applications depends upon various factors which we will discuss later. So first let’s understand these two patent applications individually, on what situation these two patent application file. Convention Application : If the request… Read More »

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Should I file a provisional application or a complete application?

Provisional or complete patent applications are the two ways for filing a patent application for the invention. There are no as such rules or methods available for the selection of these two modes for filing a patent application. It depends upon various factors on which an inventor can choose the best way for filing a… Read More »

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Different methods of filing a Patent application

A patent application is a techno-legal document which provides complete details of the patentable invention. To obtain an exclusive ownership for an invention, it is important for the applicant to know about the different filing options or approaches available to secure his/her rights in one or more countries. An applicant can make a strategy for… Read More »

New Patent Amendment, 2016: How can they Benefit Startups?

New Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2016 introduced Startups or Start-ups as a new entity which means a new, young and working towards innovation, development, deployment or commercialization of new products and processes or services driven by technology or intellectual property. The aim is to develop and commercialize a new product or services or process, or a… Read More »

The benefits of having trademark protection

Though registration of one’s trademark is an optional exercise, it is nevertheless highly recommended, owing to several advantages that come with a registration of the trademark. Some of these advantages are : Using trademarks as effective communication tool A trademark is used for distinguishing the goods and services of one person from that of another.… Read More »

How to file a trademark in India

Trademark registration in India is a fairly simple process in India, given that the documents are in order and the fees being tendered are appropriate as per the rules. Who can file a trademark? Any person who is a proprietor of a business in which the trademark is being used can apply for trademark registration.… Read More »

What is a trademark and types of trademark?

A trademark is any graphical representation which has the ability to distinguish your goods and services from that of your competitors’ goods and services. It may range from a wide variety of representations such as a word, logo, symbol, label, image, the combination of colours etc. A trademark helps in defining the origin of the… Read More »