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If you are someone who has invented something groundbreaking and worried if someone is going to copy your design, we might have a solution for you; File A patent in India online! with IPflair. If you have a novel innovation, you need to get your invention patented. Filing a patent online in India will give you the authority to safeguard your rights on your invention. You can also establish sole ownership of your invention by filing a patent online. If you hail from India you can file patent in India and IPflair will help you in each step of patent filing.

What is a Patent?

A patent is a legal document that grants the inventor sole ownership and rights over their invention for a certain period. The Patent right is granted by the government of the country or the state depending on the laws of the nation.

The law of Patents is a branch of Intellectual Property Rights that is created to protect and safeguard the rights of an inventor. The law is created to encourage new developments, improve the economy, and provide the inventor with the exclusive rights to use and sell their creation for a specific time.

Why File a Patent? Simple Benefits:

If you hail from India you can file a patent in India and IPflair will help you with it.

How to File a Patent in India?

The Patent Acts 1970 and the Patent Rules of 2003 are the laws that regulate and govern the filing of a Patent in India. These rules say that the inventor, someone they give rights to, or their legal rep can apply for a patent. This is done at the Indian Patent Office that covers the area where the inventor is based.

If you’ve created something new and useful, filing a patent helps protect it legally in India.

You can File the patent application: to the Indian Patent Office or File a patent online through the official website of the Indian Patent Office or physically by visiting the patent office.

Ways to File Your Patent Application:

 – At the Indian Patent Office directly.

 – Online on the Indian Patent Office’s official website.

 – By visiting the patent office in person.

Understanding India’s Patent Laws and Process:

Indian Patent Act, 1970

Framework: Provides the legal basis for patents in India, defining what can be patented, the rights of patent holders, and the process of obtaining a patent.

Patentability Criteria: Outlines the criteria for patentability, including novelty, inventive step (non-obviousness), and industrial applicability.

Patentable Subject Matter: Defines what constitutes patentable subject matter and exclusions (e.g., traditional knowledge, atomic energy-related inventions).

Term of Patent: Sets the standard term of a patent at 20 years from the filing date.

Compulsory Licensing: Contains provisions for compulsory licensing under certain conditions.

Provisions for Opposition and Revocation: Allows for pre-grant and post-grant opposition to the patent and sets out grounds for revocation.

Patent Rules, 2003

Procedural Details: Provides detailed procedures for filing patent applications, examination, opposition, and other processes under the Patent Act.

Forms and Fees: Specifies the required forms and fees for different stages of the patent process.

Expedited and Electronic Filing: Introduces provisions for expedited examination and electronic filing of patents.

Why do you need Patent services in India?

If you are a resident of India who has made a unique invention that you believe is of industrial benefit and will improve the current scenario of working in that particular industry you must have exclusive rights over your invention. To protect your rights, you must file a patent in India. The process of filing a patent online can be tedious, and you may require professional help. To file a patent online in India online, you will need an established patent agent;you will be amazed by the value added by a professional patent agent, who is working on your idea and filing a patent online.

Steps for Filing a Patent in India:

An applicant has to follow the guidelines provided by the Patent Act 1970 to register a Patent Application successfully. IPflair India is the one-stop destination for all your patent-related concerns. We are a team of immaculate patent attorneys who will help you file a patent in India. With the convenience of online platforms, entrepreneurs and inventors can now easily complete their patent filing online, simplifying the process and saving time. However, it is vital that you are aware of the tedious process that is filing a patent online.
You can establish sole ownership of your invention by filing a patent from IPflair

Here are the steps required for filing a patent online in India:

Step 1: Disclosure of the invention:

Detailed Description: You should include the technical field, background, detailed description of your invention, its operation, and specific embodiments.

Drawings/Diagrams: If applicable, you need to provide drawings or diagrams to support the description.

Confidentiality Assurance: Engaging patent agents under a non-disclosure agreement adds a layer of security for your sensitive information.

Step 2: Patentability Search in the process of Filing a patent application:

Extensive Research: You should utilize databases and patent libraries to research existing patents and publications. By doing a patentability search in India you can avoid going through the tedious process of filling a patent, in case a similar invention already exists.

Comparative Analysis: Compare your invention against prior art to establish its uniqueness and innovation.

Step 3: Take an informed decision on filing the Patent:

Evaluation of Patentability: Consider factors like novelty, non-obviousness, and industrial applicability based on the search results.

Strategic Decision: Decide whether to proceed with the patent application or modify the invention based on your findings.

Your invention must have an inventive step compared to any existing invention. It can either be economically significant, technically advanced, or both over any existing innovation.

Step 4: Patent Drafting:

Comprehensive Drafting: You need to draft claims, abstract, and detailed description accurately to cover all aspects of the invention.

Legal and Technical Precision: Ensure compliance with legal standards and maintain technical accuracy to avoid future objections.

Step 5: Filing the Patent Application:

Form 1 (Application for Grant of Patent): Provide basic information about you and your invention..
Form 2 (Provisional/Complete Specification): Include a detailed description of your invention (if the application is complete).
Form 3 (Statement and Undertaking under Section 8): Disclose information about foreign applications for the same invention.
Form 5 (Declaration of Inventorship): Identify the inventors of the invention.
Form 26 (Power of Attorney): If a patent agent is appointed.
Form 28 (To be submitted by Small Entity/Startup): If applicable.
Digital Signature and Fees: Required for online filing and fee payment according to the entity size and type of application

To protect your rights, you must file a patent in India

Step 6: Request for examination:

Form 18 (Request for Examination)After filing a patent online application you have to request the concerned Indian Patent Office to examine the patent application. This must be filed within 48 months from the priority date or filing date.


Step 7: Responding to any objection raised:

Objection Analysis: Review objections raised by the patent examiner.

Formal Response: Prepare a response to address each objection, potentially amending the application if necessary.

After the draft and report submitted to the corned Patent Office are thoroughly examined, there are marginal chances that a few complaints will be raised. In that case, the inventor has to prove his inventive step and novelty over the invention.

Step 8: Grant of Patent:

Final Acceptance: Once all criteria are met and objections resolved, the patent is granted.

Patent Grant Notification: This is issued in the Patent Journal that is published from time to time.

What are the benefits of filing a provisional patent?

Filing a provisional patent online will secure your date and work. This means you have protected your innovation from competitors who may invent a similar creation:
Filing a provisional patent gives you the buffer time to specify the details and further develop your invention.

Why is IPFlair the best choice to file a patent online?

The process of filing a patent online is complex and lengthy, but IPflair is always Happy to help you. We at IPflair, ensure that your invention is recognized and your rights are protected so you do not face any infringements. We bring our immaculate knowledge to help you avoid problems that can be a hurdle to your growth.

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To file a patent in India online, you will need an established patent expert, and IPFlair provides that and helps you in filing a provisional patent.

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Vice President – Business Development

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Komal Khare

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Paridhi Somani

IP Attorney – Patent Filings

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Ajan A
Ajan A
Patent Professional

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Aditi Chauhan
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Bhagyashri V Katkalmbekar
Bhagyashri V Katkalmbekar
Patent Professional

B.E. from Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.

Reg- Indian Patent Agent

Shobhna Tyagi
Shobhna Tyagi
Patent Analyst
M. Tech (Electronic Product Design Technology) C-DAC Mohali, B. Tech (ECE) Banasthali Vidhyapith.
Vishag T
Vishag T

Senior- Patent Professional

BE, M. Tech Mechanical Engineering

Why Us

Maintains Strict Confidentiality

IPflair maintains strict confidentiality with each and every client by signing Exclusive Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), prior to receiving the Invention details. The NDA is signed and shared via email and as per the Section 4 of Information Technology Act 2000, any electronic data shared is considered to be legally recognised.

Registered Indian Patent Agents

IPflair has the Registered Indian Patent Agents, authorized by the Government of India, We can file a Patent Applications as per the Indian Patents Act and file the same in the Designated Patent Offices across India. Just to mention few Patent Agent Details: Mr. Dinkar Agrawal (Patent Agent Number: IN/PA 2502) & Mr. Vidya Bhaskar Singh Nandiyal (Patent Agent Number: IN/PA 2912).

Experienced Patent Professionals and Patent Attorneys

IPflair has Technical and Legal Expertise with at-least MTech or PhD Background, alumnus of reputed institutes such as IIT, NIT, IIT or international university, with minimum 2-10 years of Experience in various facets of Intellectual Property Rights such as Patent Searching, Drafting, Filing, Prosecution and Litigation.

Patent Commercialization Aspect

Patent acts as an Intangible Asset, Each and Every Patent can be Evaluated with a Net Present Value. However, the Valuation depends on the scope of the invention covered in a Patent Application. Our team of experts drafts the Patent Application by considering the Commercialization aspect and increasing the Valuation of a patent.

IPflair Clients

IPflair currently works with around 300+ Start-up’s/Individuals in India/abroad. We have signed an MOU with Government of Karnataka to assist various Elevate 100 Start-ups.

Best Cost Effective Pricing

IPflair provides best cost effective prices across India for any Intellectual Property related Services. IPflair is a social initiative by the San Francisco based Parent Organization (IPExcel) to help the Individuals and Start-ups of India in Protecting their Intellectual Property at affordable prices.

Filed around 2000+ Patent Applications

We have filed around 2000+ Patent Applications in India, Abroad and PCT with a very high Success Rate. For filing patent applications in foreign countries, we have network with patent attorneys across the globe.

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IPFlair India is the one-stop destination for all your patent-related concerns. We are a team of immaculate patent experts who will help you in filing a patent in India.
Filing a provisional patent online will help you to secure your invention and give you the buffer time to specify the details about your invention. To file a patent you can consult with our patent experts.
IPflair is a dedicated service provider & patent companies in Mumbai which has a team of best patent Lawyer in Mumbai.
File a patent in India with IPFlair. We guide you through the process of filing a provisional patent, walk you through the tedious process, with all the documents and forms deemed necessary for the process to file patent
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