Patent Registration in Mumbai

According to World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), “a patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention which can be a product or a process that provides, in general, a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem”.
A Patent allows an invention to be commercially utilised, sold or licenced only if permission is granted by the holder of that patent. This advantage allows one to have a strong market position by reducing the number of competitors in the same field.

To file a patent in Mumbai, the invention must:

  1. Be a novel product or process that involves an inventive step
  2. Be capable of industrial application
  3. Not be published already
  4. Not have had prior public use in India

Where do I file my patent application?
An applicant can register a patent in the office through a Patent Agent/Attorney at jurisdiction of the place where the applicant normally resides or has domicile or has a place of business or the place from where the invention was originated.
An applicant who is a non-resident or who has no domicile or no place of business in India, can also file an application through a Patent Agent or Patent Attorney and obtain a Patent.
For example, an individual wanting to file a patent application in Mumbai can submit the required documents to the IPflair Patent Attorneys or Patent Agents and they can be file the well drafted patent application in Indian Patent Office, Mumbai.

The above-mentioned process, however, has become simpler due to e-filing being an option whereby an individual need not submit physical copies of the necessary documents in order to obtain a patent. Patent filing can now be done online through the Patent Agents at official Government website.

Patent Fee Calculator

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Total: Rs.

Excluding GST @18 %

Who can draft a Patent Application?

A Patent Application can be drafted by the inventor or the holder of invention himself, but it is a general understanding that this process requires diligence and technical knowledge coupled with legal understanding. Therefore, it is always advisable that the Task for drafting of the Patent Application should be assigned to registered Indian Patent Agents, who are from the Technical and Legal background i.e. at least MTech in a Particular Technical Area and aware of The Patent Acts, 1970. A Patent Agent or a Patent company can help the inventor convert an invention into a patentable invention by assisting and aiding in the patent application drafting process.

Further, Assigning the task for Patent Drafting and Filing a Patent Application to an IPflair Patent Expert exponentially increases the Commercialization Scope of your invention.

IP Flair’s Patent Team comprises of Patent Agents or Patent Attorneys who aim to make Patent Filing task simpler for you. IPflair Professionals who draft the Patent Application is from Technical Background (at least MTech from IIT’s, NIT’s and International Universities) and Registered Indian Patent Agents with Legal Background (awareness about the Patent Acts, 1970) and Qualified Lawyers. IPflair offers a break-even pricing for start-ups and individuals, focused towards growing innovation & helping start-ups/individuals in India to protect their innovations.). We always believe in providing the High-Quality Patent Application in a very Cost-Effective way.

IPflair is a right platform, if you are looking to have a Monopoly or Exclusive Rights towards your invention and prevent or stop others from Copying the same Invention in the Mumbai, India.

Also, IP Flair is one of the leading patent companies that provides top notch services for drafting and filing Patent application in Mumbai with experienced Patent Agents and Patent Attorneys.

Why choose IPFlair?

  • IPFlair has a team of multidisciplinary individuals who are Technical Experts and Registered Indian patent Agents, Authorised by Government of India to file the Patent Applications in Patent Office at Mumbai and other cities in India
  • IP Flair not only assists you with patent filing in Mumbai, but also Conducts Extensive International Patentability Searches to identify the Novelty/New Feature in your invention and whether it is a Patentable Subject Matter
  • IP Flair has successfully filed around 500+ Patent Applications in India and Abroad
  • IP Flair always provide the quality services in a very cost-effective way.

File a patent in Mumbai in 10 EASY STEPS with IP Flair:

  1. Use our Patent Cost Calculator to know the total cost of filing a patent application in India and then submit a query on our official website through the Registration form.
  2. IP Flair’s Experienced Patent Agents will give you a FREE Consultation in as soon as your query is received. As, We aim to answer all your questions in relation to Protecting your invention by filing a Patent.
  3. IPflair Signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement after which you can freely discuss your invention
  4. IPflair Provide you an Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) that needs to be Completed and sent back to IPflair team.
  5. IP Flair analyses the details shared by you and conducts an Extensive International
  6. Patentability Search Process and comes up with a Patentability Search Report to identify the Invention is Patentable or Not.
  7. The Patentability Search Report is shared with you, so you are well-informed of the potential your invention holds towards being a patentable invention. Further, this Patentability Search Report helps you decide on to proceed in filing a Patent or research further to have some Novelty.
  8. A discussion with our patent expert is held wherein the novelty of your invention is identified.
  9. IPFlair drafts a Provisional or Complete Patent application, focussing mainly on the points highlighted during the discussion. The drafted Patent Application is conveyed to you for your review. A second round of discussion is held with patent experts wherein we seek your approval to initiate patent filing procedure.
  10. IPFlair initiates patent filing procedure of your final patent application, where the filing Team Prepares the Various Forms required for Patent Filing.
  11. IPFlair files your patent application in designated Patent Office or anywhere across the Globe.

Filing a patent in Mumbai can be easier! Contact us and get a FREE consultation today!
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