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    If you think your invention or creation is extraordinary you must be looking for an Intellectual property Law firm? If your invention has the potential that leads to benefits for you and will be in high demand, then it is crucial to get it patented.

    IP law firms will ensure that no one steals or misuses your idea. To know-how, keep reading!

    What is a Patent?

    A patent is a legal document that grants the inventor sole ownership and rights over their invention for a certain period. The Patent right is granted by the government of India or the state depending on the laws of the nation. There are plenty of patent firms in India that provide patent filing services and will help you through this process.

    The law of Patents is a branch of Intellectual Property Rights that is created to protect and safeguard the rights of an inventor. The law is created to encourage new developments and provide the inventor with the exclusive rights to use and sell their creation for a specific time.

    Why should you get a patent for your invention?

    How to get a patent for your invention?

    Getting a patent for your invention will help you protect your rights over your invention. Patent experts will guide you through this tedious process as per the patent law. The patent registration process is complex and can raise legal issues. So it is best advised that you find an IP law firm that provides patent services that will help protect your interest and consequently make your life easier.

    Investing in a patent law firm is advisable and a wise investment. An IPR law firm brings years of experience, expertise and judgement in the field to protect your interest, and will ensure that you navigate through the process seamlessly. Patent law firms offer patent services that will help in safeguarding your invention or idea from being stolen or misused. Furthermore, you must keep in mind that Originality, Practicality, Utility, and Sustainability are crucial factors that the Indian Patent Office looks into before granting the patent. A patent can protect your invention for 20 years ensuring that you yield the benefits out of your invention.

    The best IPR firms in India will help protect your invention, process, or design and ensure that your invention meets the criteria set by the IPO. However, finding a patent law firm is taxing. If you are looking for patent law firms, IPFlair has an immaculate team of capable lawyers who will help you with their services.

    In this guide, we will discuss the crucial nitty-gritty to ensure that you hire the best IPR firm in India. But, first, ensure that the patent law firm that you hire offers the services mentioned below and checks all the right boxes to make the patent registration process a little less daunting. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

    Important Facts About Patent Law firms

    When choosing an intellectual property law firm in India to help you with your patent, you must keep a few things in mind. One of the integral skills of being a good patent firm are as follows:

    The best IPR law firms in India ensure that their attorneys are suitable to work in an environment that may vary from corporate or private legal offices to one-on-one work with individual clients.

    What services do the best IPR law firms offer?

    Getting a patent can be a tedious process, if you find an IP firm that offers patent-related services and is good at it, your job is done! To ensure that you land up with the best IPR firms in India ensure thatthey offer t he following services:

    How to Choose an Intellectual Property Law firm?

    When choosing a patent law firm you must ensure that the attorneys in that particular patent firm:

    If you need help finding the best IPR law firm, IP Flair is the one for you. Our immaculate team of patent attorneys will help you through the patent filing process and guide you until your patent is registered.

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    IPFlair is a leading IP law firm in India comes up with a dedicated highly qualified technical team that provides Patent services. Apply for patent services with our patent law firm at affordable prices.

    Success Rate of 95%

    Our Client

    Some of the Entities that we work with :

    Some of the Institutes that we work with :

    Some of the MSME's that we work with :

    Some of the Startups that we work with :

    What Our Clients Say

    Meet Our Team

    Mr Dinkar Agrawal

    Founder & Director

    B.Tech, LLB, IIT-Kharagpur
    Registered Indian Patent Agent

    Mr Khaja Safiullah Haruni

    Executive Director – IPFlair India

    B.E., M.Sc.,
    Robert Gordon University,
    United Kingdom

    Harish N

    Principal Associate
    B.Tech., LL.B.
    IIT Kharagpur
    Patent Attorney

    Priya Sharma

    Manager -Patent Drafting and Prosecution

    Rishi Verma

    Manager- Patent Analytics
    B.Tech (E&E)
    Vellore Institute of Technology,

    Sahana R

    Manager -Patent Drafting and Prosecution
    Mount Carmel College,

    Anusha Chakraborty

    Patent Professional


    Prakriti Bhattacharya

    Senior Business Development Executive
    B.Tech (E&C),
    RGPV, Bhopal

    Madiha Makandar

    Patent Professional

    PES Institute of Technology

    Namrata VB

    Patent Professional
    R.V College of Engineering,

    Priyansha Sharma

    Patent Professional
    B.Tech (E&E),
    KIIT University

    Jithinraj PR

    Patent Professional
    Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University,

    Pooja Gupta

    Patent Professional

    B.Tech. & M.E.
    (Computer Science)

    Madhusudan H. C.

    Patent Professional
    Bachelor of engineering (BE)
    in Electronics and Communication

    Komal Khare

    IP Attorney
    Karnataka State Law University & Symbiosis Law School,

    Srilekya Kolli

    IP Administrator
    BBA LL.B.
    Alliance School of Law,
    Alliance University

    Vinay B Naik

    Senior Business Development Exe.
    B.Tech (Mech)
    MSRIT Bangalore, MBA

    Bijoylaxmi Garg

    Business Development Executive
    B.Sc., MBA ,
    Uttarakhand Technical University

    Moohib Khan

    Business Process Associate
    B.sc (Computer Science),
    Imperial College of Management, Bangalore

    Priyanka Vhanmane

    Patent Professional
    Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology

    Paridhi Somani

    IP Administrator

    LL.B. New Law College

    Sangamithirai V T R

    Patent Administrator
    BBA LL.B.
    KLE Society’s Law College, Karnataka State Law University

    Prachi Pandey

    HR & Operations Manager

    B.A (E & M), MBA (HR & Marketing),
    Delhi University

    Swathi NA

    Accounts Officer
    (Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College)

    Geeta Gopalakrishna

    Senior Accounts Executive
    B.Com. Vijaya College

    Why Us

    Maintains Strict Confidentiality

    IPFlair maintains strict confidentiality with each and every client by signing Exclusive Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), prior to receiving the Invention details. The NDA is signed and shared via email and as per the Section 4 of Information Technology Act 2000, any electronic data shared is considered to be legally recognised.

    Registered Indian Patent Agents

    IPFlair has the Registered Indian Patent Agents, authorized by the Government of India, We can file a Patent Applications as per the Indian Patents Act and file the same in the Designated Patent Offices across India. Just to mention few Patent Agent Details: Mr. Dinkar Agrawal (Patent Agent Number: IN/PA 2502) & Mr. Vidya Bhaskar Singh Nandiyal (Patent Agent Number: IN/PA 2912).

    Experienced Patent Professionals and Patent Attorneys

    IPflair has Technical and Legal Expertise with at-least MTech or PhD Background, alumnus of reputed institutes such as IIT, NIT, IIT or international university, with minimum 2-10 years of Experience in various facets of Intellectual Property Rights such as Patent Searching, Drafting, Filing, Prosecution and Litigation.

    Patent Commercialization Aspect

    Patent acts as an Intangible Asset, Each and Every Patent can be Evaluated with a Net Present Value. However, the Valuation depends on the scope of the invention covered in a Patent Application. Our team of experts drafts the Patent Application by considering the Commercialization aspect and increasing the Valuation of a patent.

    IPflair Clients

    IPflair currently works with around 300+ Start-up’s/Individuals in India/abroad. We have signed an MOU with Government of Karnataka to assist various Elevate 100 Start-ups.

    Best Cost Effective Pricing

    IPFlair provides best cost effective prices across India for any Intellectual Property related Services. IPflair is a social initiative by the San Francisco based Parent Organization (IPExcel) to help the Individuals and Start-ups of India in Protecting their Intellectual Property at affordable prices.

    Filed around 2000+ Patent Applications

    We have filed around 2000+ Patent Applications in India, Abroad and PCT with a very high Success Rate. For filing patent applications in foreign countries, we have network with patent attorneys across the globe.

    Our Milestones

    Our IP law firm provides the best patent related services at cost-effective prices to protect your invention and our IPR law firm provides patent experts who have domain knowledge in technical & legal fields.
    IPflair is one of the most referred IPR law firms having a vast network and industry tie ups to help a patent owner in licensing/monetizing.
    We are the IP law firms that have experienced Patent experts with a specialisation in Intellectual Property Rights & helps with services related to patent.
    Consult IPFlair - the best IPR law firms to guide you through the process of filing a patent, walk you through the tedious process, with all the documents and forms deemed necessary for the procedure of patent acquiring.

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    IPFlair is a largest patent company in India specialized in intellectual property & Patent Filing in India. Use our patent cost calculator India & Patent online with our expert team as we help startups to protect & develop their ideas through the patent filing process.


    IPflair Garden Layout, Sector 2, HSR Layout, Bangalore-560102, Karnataka
    Ph.No: 1800-123-1474 E-mail: support@ipflair.com


    IPFlair is a largest patent company in India specialized in intellectual property & Patent Filing in India. Use our patent cost calculator India & Patent online with our expert team as we help startups to protect & develop their ideas through the patent filing process.


    IPflair Services Private Limited, Indiqube Lakeside, Green Glen Layout, Bellandur, Outer ring road, Next to Salarpuria Softzone, Bangalore – 560103
    Ph.No: 1800-123-1474 E-mail: support@ipflair.com


    IPflair is one of the most referred Patent companies in India having a vast network and industry tie ups to help a patent owner in licensing/monetizing through Patent filing in India. We provide patent cost calculator india through which you can take decisions for patent filing.


    IPflair,T-Hub, IIIT-Hyderabad Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032
    Ph.No: 1800-123-1474 E-mail: support@ipflair.com



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