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Intellectual Property (IP) is an umbrella term for intangible assets owned by an individual or a business, and legally protected from outside use or implementation without consent. Intellectual property in India refers to inventions, brands, designs, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, and images used for business operations. If you own a business in Bangalore, or plan to do business, it’s important to know the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) over your creation, how to use, guard and enforce the rights. Registered IPR law firms in Bangalore like IP Flair can provide expert assistance to help you get your invention patented.

Our team of patent experts at IPFlair know the patent registration process and the legal aspects of IPR inside and out. We’ll take care of your patent filing right from start till the end.

Types of IPs You Can Secure through IP firms in Bangalore

Every business owns some form of intellectual property, which is capable of rent, sale, license, mortgage, etc. As one of the leading IPR firms in Bangalore, we will ensure that you enjoy an exclusive right over the use of your intellectual property and that no one steals or misuses your idea. It is important to utilise Intellectual Property rights wisely to maximise the benefits you get.

Here are the two main categories of IP:

In India, Intellectual property rights commonly include the following types:

Copyright – Copyright is meant to protect an original work – whether published writing like books, blogs or web content or songs, films, paintings, and various art works. There are generally two facets of copyright: Economic and moral. The economic right, as the name suggests, applies to any type of work or creation over which only the creator has control when it comes to making profits from it. Moral rights enable a person to identify as the creator of a particular work and to have the power to object if the said work is presented in a distorted form. We one of the most trusted IPR law firms in Bangalore when it comes to handling copyright cases.

Patents – A patent is one of the most well-known types of IP rights. When granted, it allows the owner exclusive right over their invention and excludes others from making, using, or selling it. Patents act as a safeguard as well as incentive for innovators, be it individuals or organizations. Patent protection applies to inventions, new commercial products, or a novel process of doing something, and it is given only for a limited period.

Designs – These rights serve to protect designs like drawing, colour, pattern, or combination of designs. Whether you’re an artist or a design agency, our IP firm in Bangalore can assist you in protecting your IP assets.

Trademarks – A trademark grants individual, business organizations, or other established entities the rights to protect signs, symbols, logos, text, etc. that distinguish their goods or services from competitors. Trademarks can be a design, text, word, or symbol. Therefore, trademarks serve as an identifier or an emblem of origin for a brand.

Trade Secrets – A trade secret is an IPR on confidential business information that may be sold or licensed. It can be a design, process, formula, or any other type of intellectual property that are not disclosed to to the public, which secures the property and provides an economic advantage over other market players, contenders, and business rivals. Companies often practice this measure of protection by making it mandatory for their staff and workers to sign non-disclosure agreements or non-compete contracts. Our IP law firm in Bangalore has specialists on our team who can create solid non-compete agreements.

Industrial Design – Industrial design is the type of IPR that pertains to the process or design technique of particular product or item. Examples would be automotive design, furniture design, accessory design, etc. which involves a novel technique that the creator of the said technique may want to protect and prevent someone else from copying it. Many countries require an industrial design to be registered for the creator to get the protection. In other countries, industrial designs may fall under the patent laws.

Geographical Indication – Geographical Indication (GI) is a type of IPR that pertains to goods that are intrinsically related to a defined geographical location and possess certain qualities that are attributable to that particular geographical locality. In short, GI an indicator of the origin of a product. It gives producers the intellectual property protection to prevent competitors from other areas to misuse the indicator. The most famous example of product with a Geographical Indication is basmati rice.

Our IP Law Firms in Bangalore are well-versed in each of the above types of IPs. No matter which type your case falls under, our experienced team will be able to provide you with helpful guidance about the specific laws applicable to your case and walk you through the process of securing the appropriate intellectual property rights for your business or invention.

Learn About Laws Governing IP Rights from IP Law Firms in Bangalore

IP laws and policies differ across countries. At IP Flair — one of the best IPR law firms in Bangalore – we offer detailed insight into how the legal system covers your IP rights in India.

The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce, Government of India regulates the implementation and future development of IPRs in India.

The Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS) agreement was implemented by the WTO (World Trade Organisation) to establish parity among IP laws of different countries. Member countries are required to amend IP laws and policies to comply with the standards set by the agreement. India also complies with the TRIPS agreement.

The Indian Acts that govern the Intellectual Properties Rights in India are:

Let our IPR firms in Bangalore guide you about the various other IP agreements that India follows.

How to Secure Your IP Rights With the Best IPR Law Firms in Bangalore

IP plays a vital role in a country’s economic growth and contributes significantly to the global economy. The complex Intellectual Property regime in India requires specialised knowledge and expertise. Leading IP Law Firms in Bangalore are equipped to provide comprehensive IP and legal services to Indian and global businesses.

We at IPFlair are committed to assist you in procuring and protecting Intellectual Property Rights worldwide. If you secure your IP rights legally, you can earn revenue by licensing or selling your Intellectual Property. Backed by an experienced and knowledgeable team, our IP firm in Bangalore will assist you in every step of IP obtaining and enforcement – from filing, registration, licensing, and valuation to protecting rights against infringement and ensuring that no one can commercially use your invention without your explicit permission.

Why Choose IP Flair as Your IP Law Firm in Bangalore?

These are some of the reasons why IP Flair is one of the top IP firms in Bangalore trusted by businesses and entrepreneurs. Contact us today to claim your IP rights.

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If you're looking for a IPR firms in Bangalore then IPFlair offers patent related services at affordable prices. We are known as the best IP firms in Bangalore for patents.

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Mr Khaja Safiullah Haruni

Executive Director – IPFlair India

B.E., M.Sc.,
Robert Gordon University,
United Kingdom

Harish N

Principal Associate
B.Tech., LL.B.
IIT Kharagpur
Patent Attorney

Priya Sharma

Manager -Patent Drafting and Prosecution

Rishi Verma

Manager- Patent Analytics
B.Tech (E&E)
Vellore Institute of Technology,

Sahana R

Manager -Patent Drafting and Prosecution
Mount Carmel College,

Anusha Chakraborty

Patent Professional


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Senior Business Development Executive
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RGPV, Bhopal

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Patent Professional

PES Institute of Technology

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Patent Professional
R.V College of Engineering,

Priyansha Sharma

Patent Professional
B.Tech (E&E),
KIIT University

Jithinraj PR

Patent Professional
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University,

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Bachelor of engineering (BE)
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Ajan A

Patent Professional

M.Tech. (Power Systems),
Christ University, Bangalore

Komal Khare

IP Attorney
Karnataka State Law University & Symbiosis Law School,

Srilekya Kolli

IP Administrator
Alliance School of Law,
Alliance University

Vinay B Naik

Senior Business Development Exe.
B.Tech (Mech)
MSRIT Bangalore, MBA

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Business Development Executive
B.Sc., MBA ,
Uttarakhand Technical University

Moohib Khan

Business Process Associate
B.sc (Computer Science),
Imperial College of Management, Bangalore

Priyanka Vhanmane

Patent Professional
Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology

Paridhi Somani

IP Administrator

LL.B. New Law College

Sangamithirai V T R

Patent Administrator
KLE Society’s Law College, Karnataka State Law University

Prachi Pandey

HR & Operations Manager

B.A (E & M), MBA (HR & Marketing),
Delhi University

Swathi NA

Accounts Officer
(Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College)

Geeta Gopalakrishna

Senior Accounts Executive
B.Com. Vijaya College

Why Us

Maintains Strict Confidentiality

IPFlair maintains strict confidentiality with each and every client by signing Exclusive Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), prior to receiving the Invention details. The NDA is signed and shared via email and as per the Section 4 of Information Technology Act 2000, any electronic data shared is considered to be legally recognised.

Registered Indian Patent Agents

IPFlair has the Registered Indian Patent Agents, authorized by the Government of India, We can file a Patent Applications as per the Indian Patents Act and file the same in the Designated Patent Offices across India. Just to mention few Patent Agent Details: Mr. Dinkar Agrawal (Patent Agent Number: IN/PA 2502) & Mr. Vidya Bhaskar Singh Nandiyal (Patent Agent Number: IN/PA 2912).

Experienced Patent Professionals and Patent Attorneys

IPflair has Technical and Legal Expertise with at-least MTech or PhD Background, alumnus of reputed institutes such as IIT, NIT, IIT or international university, with minimum 2-10 years of Experience in various facets of Intellectual Property Rights such as Patent Searching, Drafting, Filing, Prosecution and Litigation.

Patent Commercialization Aspect

Patent acts as an Intangible Asset, Each and Every Patent can be Evaluated with a Net Present Value. However, the Valuation depends on the scope of the invention covered in a Patent Application. Our team of experts drafts the Patent Application by considering the Commercialization aspect and increasing the Valuation of a patent.

IPflair Clients

IPflair currently works with around 300+ Start-up’s/Individuals in India/abroad. We have signed an MOU with Government of Karnataka to assist various Elevate 100 Start-ups.

Best Cost Effective Pricing

IPFlair provides best cost effective prices across India for any Intellectual Property related Services. IPflair is a social initiative by the San Francisco based Parent Organization (IPExcel) to help the Individuals and Start-ups of India in Protecting their Intellectual Property at affordable prices.

Filed around 2000+ Patent Applications

We have filed around 2000+ Patent Applications in India, Abroad and PCT with a very high Success Rate. For filing patent applications in foreign countries, we have network with patent attorneys across the globe.

Our Milestones

Our IPR law firms in Bangalore provides the best patent services at cost-effective prices to protect your invention.Also our IP firms in Bangalore has patent experts who have domain knowledge in technical & legal fields.
IPflair is one of the most referred IPR firms in Bangalore for patent in Bangalore. Also IP law firms in Bangalore is having a vast network and industry tie ups to help a patent owner in licensing/monetizing.
We are the best IPR firms in Bangalore that have experienced Patent experts with a specialisation in Intellectual Property Rights. Apply for hassle-free patent services with one of the leading IPR law firms in Bangalore.
Consult IPFlair - the best IPR firms in Bangalore that provides patent services in Bangalore & guide you through the protection of invention as well as walk you through the tedious process, with all the documents and forms deemed necessary for the procedure.

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IPFlair is a largest patent company in India specialized in intellectual property & Patent Filing in India. Use our patent cost calculator India & Patent online with our expert team as we help startups to protect & develop their ideas through the patent filing process.


IPflair Garden Layout, Sector 2, HSR Layout, Bangalore-560102, Karnataka
Ph.No: 1800-123-1474 E-mail: support@ipflair.com


IPFlair is a largest patent company in India specialized in intellectual property & Patent Filing in India. Use our patent cost calculator India & Patent online with our expert team as we help startups to protect & develop their ideas through the patent filing process.


IPflair Services Private Limited, Indiqube Lakeside, Green Glen Layout, Bellandur, Outer ring road, Next to Salarpuria Softzone, Bangalore – 560103
Ph.No: 1800-123-1474 E-mail: support@ipflair.com


IPflair is one of the most referred Patent companies in India having a vast network and industry tie ups to help a patent owner in licensing/monetizing through Patent filing in India. We provide patent cost calculator india through which you can take decisions for patent filing.


IPflair,T-Hub, IIIT-Hyderabad Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032
Ph.No: 1800-123-1474 E-mail: support@ipflair.com