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How to protect your IP?

Intellectual Property refers to assets that are intangible in nature, more particularly known as “creations of mind” that are given exclusive rights of protect for certain duration. An Intellectual property can be created by business owners, entrepreneurs, creative artists, innovators, etc. The protection of intellectual property is a major question posed by all. The intellectual… Read More »

What is copyright?

Copyright is a type of intellectual property right which seeks to protect original artistic, creative and literary works. These creations require tremendous intellectual efforts, and therefore the creators are rewarded with exclusive right to exploit their work commercially. The creator can seek copyright on books, music, paintings, sculptures, films and even on technology-based works such… Read More »


IPR stands for Intellectual Property Rights. To understand about Intellectual Property Rights, it is important to understand about the Intellectual Property (IP). Intellectual Property refers to the property which has both moral and commercial value and that comes out from the human intellect that may be a creation of human minds, inventions, copyrights on musical,… Read More »