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Documents required for Patent Registration in India

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Patent registration in India, similar and analogous to any other registration requires the inventor or start-up seeking it to furnish some documents. The documents are meant to verify the patentee’s credentials to obtain a patent grant. The key documents are listed below:
  1. Form 1: Application for Patent Registration as prescribed in Form 1
  2. Form 2: Complete Specification or Provisional Specification
    1. Complete specification is mandatory to be submitted. However, if complete specification is not drafted, then provisional specifications must be submitted; and
    2. If provisional specification is submitted, it is essential to submit the complete specification within a period of 12 months from the date of submitting the provisional specification.
  3. Form 3: A statement and an undertaking on behalf of the inventor for reporting any Foreign Application for Patent Registration
    1. This particular document may be submitted either with the application or within a period of 6 months after filing the application
  4. Form 5: A declaration as to inventorship must as well be submitted to the Patent Office
  5. Form 26: As most of the Patent Applications for Patent Registration are filed by patent agents or patent attorneys whose services are hired by the inventors, a form for authorization must be submitted as Form 26
  6. Official Fee for Patent Registration
  7. In case you are filing a Patent Application in India based on a previous patent application filed abroad under the convention patent application (as under the Paris Convention) or PCT route, a priority document must be filed along with the application.
    1. In case, the previous patent application is in a language other than Hindi or English, a verified translation of the same also needs to be submitted to the Indian Patent Office.
  8. Lastly, all documents and drawings must contain the signature of the authorized person or the inventor
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The above-mentioned items are some of the basic documents that are required for Patent Registration in India, however, please don’t get mistaken and be aware of the fact that Patent

Registration is a complex process and you have to cross many steps to get a Patent Registration. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire an experienced Registered Patent Attorney to File Patent Application in India to avoid loss of your effort, time, cost and mostly the chance for protection of your Idea.