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How patents can help to develop better technology or products

Patents are the statutory right granted to the inventor or applicant for their invention for maximum 20 years of time from priority or filing date so that no one can manufacture and sell the products without the prior permission of the inventor or applicant. Patents are the reason we are able to see the technology… Read More »

Should I file a provisional application or a complete application

Provisional or complete patent applications are the two ways for filing a patent application for the invention. There are no as such rules or methods available for the selection of these two modes for filing a patent application. It depends upon various factors on which an inventor can choose the best way for filing a… Read More »

Should I file a PCT or a Conventional Application

PCT and Convention Patent Applications are the two ways for filing a patent application for the invention. Filing of these two patent applications depends upon various factors which we will discuss later. So first let’s understand these two patent applications individually, on what situation these two patent application file.   Convention Application:- If the request… Read More »

How can a Patent be filed

Patentability search:- Before a patent application, it is important to conduct a patentability search in order to determine the invention is patentable or not. Patentability search includes an invention must be Novel, involve Inventive Step, Capable of being Industrial Application and should not be fall under non-patentable subject matter of Section-3 and Section-4 of Patents… Read More »


IPR stands for Intellectual Property Rights. To understand about Intellectual Property Rights, it is important to understand about the Intellectual Property (IP). Intellectual Property refers to the property which has both moral and commercial value and that comes out from the human intellect that may be a creation of human minds, inventions, copyrights on musical,… Read More »

Benefits of having Intellectual Property Strategy for start-ups

Intellectual Property remains the cornerstone of all start-ups, whether they are dealing with cutting edge technology or creative and artistic works. These intellectual properties in the beginning reside as intellectual capital in employee’s brain. The success story of a startup depends upon the ability of the startup to facilitate the conversion of this intellectual capital… Read More »

Difference between an applicant and inventor

While going through the literature on patents, a person may get confused with the terms ‘inventor’ and ‘applicant.’ Often these terms are used interchangeably in layman language. But on a legal basis, these terms have different connotations and meanings, and it may affect a person who is dealing with patents. Let us dissect these terms… Read More »

What is patentability search & what are its benefits

A patentability search is an analysis that is performed to understand whether the invention is patentable or not. It identifies prior art that may be relevant to the invention and helps to assess the likelihood of obtaining a patent. A patentability search is an essential step to be taken before filing a patent application. Generally,… Read More »

How to protect your IP

How to protect your IP? Intellectual Property refers to assets that are intangible in nature, more particularly known as “creations of mind” that are given exclusive rights of protect for certain duration.  An Intellectual property can be created by business owners, entrepreneurs, creative artists, innovators, etc. The protection of intellectual property is a major question… Read More »