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The benefits of having trademark protection

Though registration of one’s trademark is an optional exercise, it is nevertheless highly recommended, owing to several advantages that come with a registration of the trademark. Some of these advantages are : Using trademarks as effective communication tool A trademark is used for distinguishing the goods and services of one person from that of another.… Read More »

How to file a trademark in India

Trademark registration in India is a fairly simple process in India, given that the documents are in order and the fees being tendered are appropriate as per the rules. Who can file a trademark? Any person who is a proprietor of a business in which the trademark is being used can apply for trademark registration.… Read More »

What is a trademark and types of trademark?

A trademark is any graphical representation which has the ability to distinguish your goods and services from that of your competitors’ goods and services. It may range from a wide variety of representations such as a word, logo, symbol, label, image, the combination of colours etc. A trademark helps in defining the origin of the… Read More »